Electric Vehicle Center

Driving EV Tech & Talent 

At the University of Michigan’s new Electric Vehicle Center (EVC), we educate, innovate and engage to accelerate the future of electric mobility.

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A brief overview of the new U-M Electric Vehicle Center.
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We support research and development of innovative Technology through public-private partnerships. The center is working with industry to develop a technology roadmap.

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Our Education programs will target both current and future generations of mobility workers with educational offerings at U-M and other institutions across the state.


Our Workforce Development efforts are igniting an industry-inspired, multi-faceted talent network, including a focus on Michigan’s underserved populations.

Colorful icon with a building, EVs charging, solar panels, and wind turbines.


A new training and R&D facility, including an upgraded Battery Lab, will support both hands-on education and research into next-gen technologies. 

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Smiling man in grey suit with glasses.
Blue background image of people working in the battery lab.

U-M Battery Lab

Established in 2015 as the nation’s first university-based pilot line, the U-M Battery Lab is a full-service battery cell fabrication and testing facility open to any academic or industry user. It is being expanded through the EV Center.

Hand holding cylindrical battery in focus in foreground, with the man in safety goggles out of focus in the background.
Close up of blue and silver batteries with U-M Battery Lab logos on them.
Man in gloves operating a machine in the battery lab.