More about the EVC

The Electric Vehicle Center (EVC) at the University of Michigan (U-M) is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.

A Pivotal Force in the Evolving Landscape of EVs and Sustainable Mobility

As part of U-M’s College of Engineering and in close collaboration with other key U-M mobility research units, the EVC is funded by a $130 million investment from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO). This funding positions the EVC as a key player in redefining the future of transportation. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission, “We educate, innovate, and engage to accelerate the future of electric mobility,” reflects our comprehensive approach to advancing the electric mobility sector. Our Vision, “To make Michigan the E-Motor Capital,” captures our aspiration to lead the state to prominence in vehicle electrification.

Strategic Pillars

The EVC’s strategy is supported by four pillars: Technology & Innovation, Education, Workforce Development, and Facilities Expansion. These pillars are bolstered by a foundational commitment to operational Excellence and Collaboration, all driven by our Core Values. These elements collectively form a robust framework for addressing the needs of our key stakeholders in industry, education, government, and the public sectors.

Globally, the EV revolution is well underway. Yet there’s an immense amount of work to do in order to meet—and then push beyond—the U.S. goal that half of new car sales be electric by 2030. 

The EV Center builds on more than a century of U-M leadership in transportation to advance the technology and train the talent we need to lead the transition to a more sustainable mobility future.

Central to our success is our EVC Team: a diverse group whose expertise, innovation, and commitment are what we need to navigate and shape this exciting era of electric mobility.

Core Values

Our Values not only embody the ethos of the EVC team and guide our daily conduct, but also align closely with our strategic pillars, ensuring that every action we take propels us towards our vision of making Michigan the E-Motor Capital.

We will STEPP Up through Social Responsibility, Teamwork, Empowerment, Passion, and Professionalism.
Social Responsibility
Our dedication to social responsibility, deeply interwoven with DEIA principles, we aim to develop electric mobility solutions that are safe, accessible, and equitable. We strive to be collaborative catalysts for positive industry change and workforce development, committing to a sustainable future that benefits all of society.
At the EV Center, we see teamwork as pivotal to successfully navigating toward our Vision. By fostering a caring environment that honors individuality and diverse perspectives, we cultivate innovation and magnify our collective impact, uniting our dedicated staff and faculty.
Through empowerment we champion autonomy, encouraging team members to use their strengths and solve problems creatively and collaboratively. We develop leadership qualities at all levels, supporting each individual’s freedom to contribute to the greater good, while maintaining accountability.
Our passion is not only about finding joy in our work, it drives us to innovate and challenge norms, fueling our quest for excellence. We value an inclusive environment where reflection and speaking up contribute to shaping the future, drawing out our collective best.
Professionalism is anchored in competence, communication, and integrity. It’s about excelling in our roles, embracing collaboration, and creating a supportive and respectful environment. We encourage taking action, continuous learning, transparency, and humility in all our endeavors.