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Merging academic rigor with industry insights

Fostering Academic-Industry Collaborations

The EVC merges the academic rigor of U-M Engineering with critical industry insights to advance electric vehicle technologies. This strategic pillar emphasizes collaborative research in technology areas including batteries, drive module system optimization, vehicle/component end-of-life strategies, and comprehensive data analysis, electric infrastructure/charging, thermal management, raw materials, supply chain management, and lightweighting innovations.

As EV and mobility thought leaders, our approach ensures a symbiotic environment, aligning research with real-world applications to shape a sustainable future in electric mobility. 

Technology & Innovation Strategies:

  • Foster Academic-Industry Collaborations: Establish strong partnerships between U-M Engineering faculty and industry leaders to drive EV technology innovation.
  • Develop Research & Development Initiatives: Develop research projects that align with industry needs and technological advancements in EVs.

Interested in a collaboration between your company and U-M tech research leaders? Contact us at [email protected].