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What’s happening at the EV Center

Exploring the Next Generation of Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Must-Watch Documentary
Labcompare | 05/23/24
Dive into “Ushering Lithium-Ion Batteries Toward Their Full Potential,” a documentary featuring U-M EV Center’s Alan Taub and Greg Less. Discover the past accomplishments and future possibilities of electric vehicle technology. Alan Taub concludes with a visionary outlook on how battery electric vehicles are poised to revolutionize our environmental footprint.

Election Year Politics Roil the EV Transition
Roll Call | 05/20/24
Automakers are cautious as they try to gauge consumer demand and the upcoming election. “If we don’t continue to incentivize both the purchase of the vehicles domestically and the creation of the infrastructure, the charging stations, we run the risk of falling behind in the technology,” said Alan Taub, a former auto executive who now heads the Electric Vehicle Center at the University of Michigan. Taub said he recently was on a panel on EV technology in Detroit, and at the end he told the audience of auto executives and engineers that “it’s time to rebrand the Motor City the E-Motor City.”

Used EVs Are Getting Cheaper. Should You Buy One?
Popular Science | 05/18/24
Now, if you “lose 10% range on a 250-mile car, you still have 225 miles.” That’s enough for most drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimated the average automobile owner drives fewer than 40 miles a day. And while you can technically replace an EV battery, most people don’t consider it, said Greg Less, director of the University of Michigan’s Battery Lab. “You can’t even get into your phone to replace the battery anymore,” he said. “We just buy a new phone. And I think that’s probably where we’re going be at with electric vehicles [for the near future].”

U-M EVC and Cell Press to Host Electric Vehicle Technology Conference
Michigan League | 05/20-22/24
In collaboration with Cell Press journals, U-M and the EV Center present the “Technology Barriers to Electric Vehicle Implementation” conference. This high-profile event features global experts like Yet-Ming Chiang, Clare Grey and more, discussing breakthroughs and challenges in EV technology. It offers an intimate setting for in-depth dialogue with speakers and editors, plus an exclusive discount for students and postdocs. A must-attend for those at the forefront of electric mobility. 

EVC Director Delivers Keynote at Vector E-Mobility Symposium
Vector North America | 02/06/24
EVC Director Alan Taub was the keynote speaker at the Vector E-Mobility Symposium North America 2024, where he presented, “Driving EV Tech and Talent: Academic-Industry Collaboration in Tackling Challenges & Expanding Opportunities in Vehicle Electrification.” In attendance were vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and other industry experts discussing trending topics in e-mobility.

Brown University Highlights EVC Director and Alumnus Alan Taub
Brown Alumni Magazine | 01/23/24
Taub hopes the new EVC will not only speed EV development but also spur a new automotive innovation ecosystem: “We’re making the transition from Motor City to E-Motor City.”

Car Country Plugs In
Michigan Engineer | 11/14/23
The Midwest holds the greatest automotive workforce the world has ever known. With help from U-M’s new EV Center, it’s gearing up to power an electric future.

Power Breakfast: Accelerating EV Deployment in Michigan
Crain’s Detroit Business | 9/27/23
EVC Director Alan Taub served on a panel discussion at Crain’s Power Breakfast on EV deployment.

The Future of EV Batteries
Nova| 8/30/23
Today a team of researchers at the University of Michigan are trying to eliminate EV battery problems by building a solid state battery, which is about half the size of a lithium ion battery, has a much higher energy capacity, and addresses range anxiety and safety issues. Video features an interview with Professor Jeff Sakamoto.

How Easy is an EV Road Trip
UrAvgConsumer, YouTube influencer | 7/6/23
Not sure if an electric vehicle can handle a road trip? Not only is it totally possible, but we also saw how tech-forward Michigan is in the mobility space. Video features an autonomous bus ride to Mcity and footage of the U-M Battery Lab and U-M student teams Solar Car, MRacing and the Electric Motorcycle. 

Engineering Sustainable Solutions: Future of EVs
The Circuit News | 6/8/23
A video program by the National Academy of Engineering features an interview with U-M EV Center Director Alan Taub. 

University of Michigan launching Electric Vehicle Center as state ramps up EV production
WXYZ | 5/1/23
The University of Michigan is launching an Electric Vehicle Center with help from the state. The center is a part of the state’s effort to ramp up electric vehicle production and cultivate a robust EV ecosystem. Video features a tour of the U-M Battery Lab.

U-M Rolls Out Plan for $130M EV Training and Development Center
Crain’s Detroit Business | 4/27/23
The University of Michigan plans to use a $130 million state appropriation to train workers, develop next-generation electric vehicle batteries and pilot technology alongside automakers, suppliers and startups.